What is going on?

During the conversion of all e-mail addresses to the BUAS addresses, the most recent e-mails from your archive mailbox have ended up in your regular Inbox. As a result, you may now see additional folders in your Inbox that were previously in your archive mailbox.

All e-mails younger than two years can be found in these folders in your regular Inbox, instead of in your archive mailbox.
All e-mails older than two years can be found in your archive mailbox.

In addition, it is possible that from the name change you can see each folder in two languages ​​(English and Dutch).

What can you do?

You can transfer the folders from your own mailbox to your archive mailbox as required using the following procedure. If you do not mind that the archive folders are in your regular mailbox, you can leave them there. Mails older than two years are automatically transferred to your archive mailbox.

In addition, in the case of the double folders (English and Dutch) you can choose which folder you want to keep and move the other e-mail here.

1. Open the mailbox in Outlook (on your laptop or in Citrix, not the Online version via the portal).

2. Move folders
You can move a folder by ‘dragging’. Click the folder and keep the mouse pressed. Drag the folder to any folder you want. Please note that all e-mails under the deleted items are automatically deleted after 60 days. Do not just drop a folder here!

Click on the name and ‘drag’ until you see a black line where you want the folder.

3. Move e-mails
If e-mails have ended up in a folder where they do not belong, you can select them and move them to a different desired folder.
You can select multiple e-mails at once by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the e-mails.
If you want to move all e-mails at once, you can select everything with Ctrl + A.

Right-click on the selected e-mail(s) and choose ‘Move’ – ‘Other folder’.

Select the desired folder and click on ‘OK’.

4. Delete folders
You can delete a folder by right-clicking on the folder and choosing ‘delete folder’.
If there are e-mails in the folder, they are moved as separate e-mails to Deleted items or Deleted items. These e-mails are automatically deleted after 90 days.

Note: If the option to delete a folder is not available then this folder is required to keep Outlook running. So you can not delete it.

Need help? You can find the Servicedesk in the Horizon building.
You can also call 076-533 2233 or send an e-mail to servicedesk@buas.nl.

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