E-mail Students

Shared mailboxes for Students

Previously you were able to open a Shared Mailbox via https://mymail.nhtv.nl

There has been a change on our mailservers and a more secured authentication on E-mail accounts is also required.
This authentication cannot be done by the student, which means access to the shared mailboxes directly via Mymail is no longer possible.

Down below you will find the new method how students are able to open a shared mailbox.

• Login on the BUAS Student Portal (https://myportal.buas.nl)
• Open your Student Mailbox (White squares in the top left corner of your screen => Outlook)
• When your mailbox has been opened, click on your name in the top right corner of your screen and select “Open another mailbox”
• Type-in the desired mailbox name or E-mailaddress, select this address and click “Open”
• The Shared mailbox will now open on your screen
• To go back towards your own mailbox, re-do steps 3, 4 and 5, but fill in your own studentnumber

Connect your BUAS e-mail to your iPhone

• Go to “Settings” > “Mail, Contacts, Agenda”.
• Click on “Add account”.
• Choose “Exchange”.
• Type your email address "student_number@buas.nl" and Password.
• Tap “Next”.
• Tap “Save”.

Connect your BUAS e-mail to your Android device

• You will need the “Microsoft Outlook” App (available in the “Play Store”).
• Add a new account in the “Microsoft Outlook” App.
• Type your email address "student_number@buas.nl".
• After clicking on “Continue” you need to enter your password password.
• Now you should be able to read your BUAS mail on your Android device.

Connect your BUAS e-mail to your Windows Phone

• Go to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Mail” > “Add account” > “Exchange”.
• Type your email address "student_number@buas.nl".
• Click on “Password” transfers you to the BUAS Login Page.
• Login with your email address "student_number@buas.nl" and password and click on “Log on”.
• Click “Yes” to add your account.
• Now you should be able to read your BUAS mail on your Windows Phone.

Source: ICT Support