BUAS Student Portal

Change your password

If you want to change your BUAS password, follow these steps to regain access to your account:

1. Go to the Change password page
2. Enter your BUAS e-mail address and password
Example 109998@buas.nl
3. Enter your old password once and a new password twice
4. Click the send button.

How to edit (add and remove) your application tiles

Standard you only see mandatory tiles.

You can select your own favorite applications by clicking on the tab “My Tiles”.

You can add or remove any tiles from the list of applications (except the mandatory tiles).


You can add more tiles by clicking on “My Tiles” and the “Edit” button.


Click on the green star to move the tile from “All Tiles” to “My Tiles".
The green star on this tile disappears to indicate that it has already been added to "My Tiles".
If you want to remove the tile, click on the red recycle bin under "My Tiles".


You must confirm the executed actions by clicking on "Save".
If you return to the "Home" page you will see the result


More questions?

Please contact the Servicedesk.
Servicedesk@buas.nl or 076 533 2233