Wireless Internet

BUAS-Guest account (only available on the Horizon building)

- Click on the available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the
BUAS-Guest network.

- A portal is opened via the internet browser, click on "here" if you don't have a network login.

- Enter the required fields:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address (this can't be a BUAS Email address).
  • Sponsor's Email (this must be a BUAS Email address).
    for example the department for which the guest comes
    (such as ICTSupport@buas.nl).
  • The terms of use must be accepted before the application can be completed

- Write down your "Account Username" and " Guest Password", this information is required to log in again after a disconnect.

- An email is sent to the specified "Sponsor's Email" address.

- The application can be confirmed or rejected via this email.

- If the request is confirmed, the status will change to "Enabled" and you can click on " Log In."

- Now you have internet access, the account is valid for
24 hours.

icone_error Heatmap Horizon Wifi icone_error

Red = Optimal Wifi
Green = Average Wifi
Blue = Poor or no Wifi

Ground Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

New BUAS login accounts

Previous NHTV accounts:



For now on you have to login with your BUAS e-mail address on your laptop and all the BUAS services.

Example: Jansen.A@BUAS.nl

Faster Wifi for Windows ?

For Students and IGAD Precision employees.

To receive the fastest and more stable Wifi connection at BUAS, please download, extract the program. Right-click the program icon, and click Run as Administrator..

Click here to download the application.

This application will automatically configure your Wifi adapter for using 5.2GHz as preffered band. After the installation has been completed, restart your laptop.
Some of the network adapters does not support the 5.2GHz band, you will get message: You do not have a supported 5.2GHz wireless adapter

When you get a message from Smartscreen, just click More Info - Run Anyway.

Remove Eduroam profile

It is necessary to remove the Eduroam wireless network profile from your bring you own device (BYOD) in order to reconfigure it with your new BUAS account.

Instruction video for removing the Eduroam profile.

Windows 10


• Select System Preferences... from the Apple Menu.
• Select Profiles.
• All saved profiles will load.
• Click the eduroam Wireless Network to select it then click the minus sign near the bottom right to remove it.

Connected to wireless but no internet

Make sure your laptop does not have a static IP or static DNS address.

ICT_Win8_80x80 MS Windows

applelogo2015MAC OSX


Configure Wireless connection Windows 10

Find here an instruction video for configuring Wireless Network Connection for Windows 10.

Configure Wireless connection MAC OSX

  • Click on the wifi icon.
  • Select eduroam.
  • Login with your email address and password.

Configure Wireless connection iOS devices

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Choose eduroam.
  • Type in your email address and password.
  • Tap on Trust to accept the certificate.

Configure Wireless connection Chrome OS

Instruction document for configuring Wireless Connection for Chrome OS.

Click the status area Chrome_wifi_icon in the lower-right corner, where your account picture appears.
Select settings

SSID: eduroam
EAP-Method: PEAP
Phase 2-authentication: MSCHAPv2
Server CA certificate: Do not check

Identity: Youremailaddress@BUAS.nl
Password: BUAS password

Click on: Connect

Configure Wireless connection Android devices

Please follow the steps shown below to connect your Android device to the Eduroam Wifi.

Step 1:

Please go to the Wifi list on your Android device. When your inside an organization which support Eduroam, the wifi SSID will be shown in your Wifi list.


Step 2:

Fill in your Username and Password. The username is youremailaddress@BUAS.nl. See exemple below:


Leave "CA-certificate" empty. With Android version 7.0 or higher, select "Do not Validate".

Step 3:

If everything is filled in correctly, you will be connected to Eduroam wifi.


Did you change your BUAS Password?

Press and hold the eduroam network for 3 seconds and click "Forgot Network". Please follow step 1 till 3 to configure eduroam again.


More questions?

Please contact the Servicedesk.
Servicedesk@buas.nl or 076 533 2233

Source: ICT Support