Microsoft Teams

How can I place an e-mail or appendix in Teams?

Click the three dots behind the name of the channel. Select ‘retrieve e-mail address’ and copy the link appearing on your screen. Then go to Outlook and paste this link to the ‘To’ field of the e-mail you want to place in Teams and click on ‘Send’. The e-mail is now in ‘Conversations’ of the selected channel.

How do I add others to a team?

There are two roles within a team, i.e. owner and member. Only team owners are entitled to add and delete members. A team owner can also make other team members ‘owner’ as a result of which they will be given the same rights.

How do I migrate a file from Teams to my OneDrive?

Go to Teams and click the three dots behind the file. Then select ‘Move to’. Now you can click  OneDrive and select the right folder to move the file to. NB: the file has been deleted from Teams. Do you want to keep the file active in Teams? Choose to ‘Copy’ the file to your own OneDrive.

How do I upload folders from the N-drive to Teams?

Open Teams and choose the right Team and Channel where you want to upload the folders. Go to the tab ‘Files’ and press ‘Open in SharePoint’. The same document library will now be opened in SharePoint. Now you can start with uploading the folders.

  • Click on ‘Upload’ and choose ‘Folders’
  • Your Explorer will open. Please select the folders you want to upload and click ‘Upload’
  • When you are uploading several folders at the same time, it may take some time.
A status of the upload will be shown in the grey bar at the top right. When the uploading is finished, you may have to refresh the page first before the folders will be shown in the list.
  • You can close the SharePoint site and go back to Teams. Also here you may have to refresh the page first before the folders will be shown in the list.

How do I schedule a meeting in Teams?

Option 1: First, go to the right channel and then click on the camera icon. In the new screen that opens up, you can choose to start a meeting directly (with or without video screen) or schedule a meeting at a later moment. Option 2: Click on ‘Meetings’ on the left side of the navigation bar and then click at the bottom. In the new screen that opens up, you can also select a channel (apart from name, date and time) to have meetings in.

How do I create a group chat?

Click on ‘Chat’ on the left side of the navigation bar, and create a new chat via  in the box below, you will type the names of the persons you would like to invite for the group chat. You can give the group chat a name by clicking the arrow on the right side of the box.  

Can a chat be deleted?

No, a chat can only be hidden by moving the mouse cursor over the chat, so the three dots will appear. Click on the three dots and then select ‘Hide’. The list will no longer be visible in the list of open chats. When you start a conversation with this person again (creating new chat + entering person’s name), the old chat will open automatically with the full conversation history.

Are students permitted to create Teams?

For the time being, students will be permitted to create Teams, but it is advisable to check first whether it will suffice to create a group chat in Teams. This function will also offer the opportunity to communicate, share files and work together simultaneously.

Is it possible to temporarily turn off the banner notification (the pop-up notification in the bottom right corner of the screen).

If you change your status in Teams to ‘Do not disturb’, the banner will not be shown on your screen.

How do I save a new document in Teams?

If you want to create a new document, you are advised to go to the right Team/channel first, and then look under Files where you want to move the document. Click on ‘new’ and create the document. When you close the document, it will be in the right location automatically. If you have created a new document via Word, select ‘Save’ and click on ‘Sites’. A list will now appear on your screen with all the Teams you are a member of. Here you can click on ‘Documents’ and select the right folder which you would like to save the document in.