Office 365 Employee

Can I save directly to OneDrive / Teams from Office?

This is only possible with Office 365, see the instruction below for how to remove Office 2016 and install Office 365.

How to remove Office 2016 and install Office 365

1. Click on the Windows flag and go to "Settings" (the gear symbol).

2. Go to "Apps".

3. Click on "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016", Choose "Uninstall" > "Uninstall" and Confirm this choice.

4. After the uninstall is done, click "Close" and repeat step 3 for the "Microsoft Office Language Pack 2016 - Dutch/Nederlands" and the "Microsoft Office Professional Proofing Tools Kit Compilation 2016" (if present).

5. Go to MyPortal, click on the Waffle (the 9 dots in the left upper corner) and go to "Office 365"

6. Click on "Install Office" > "Office 365-apps".

7. Click on "Run".

8. Office is now being downloaded, stay online.

9. After the installation is done, click on close.

10. If you start an Office application (Word for example) now, you can save directly to OneDrive or Teams.