Working with single or dual monitor setup

1. How do I work with CITRIX other programs (Side by Side)?
Check video: CITRIX with other programs
2. How do I work with two programs side by side?
Check video: Working with two programs
3. I have dual monitor setup but I only want to work with a single monitor. How do I do that?
Check video: Using single monitor instead of both

1. How do I drag programs in my dual monitor setup?
Check video: Using both monitors
2. My main monitor is on the left and second on right. I will like to drag programs to the right instead of dragging to left. How can I change the direction I drag windows onto the second monitor?
Check video: Dragging directions dual monitor setup

CITRIX with other programs

Dragging dual monitors

Using both monitors

Using only one monitor instead of two

Working with two programs

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