Set up new Multi Factor Authentication method

Open MyPortal

Login with your BUAS credentials
Password: Your personal password

There are 4 contact options from which you can choose:
-Phone call
-Text message
-Mobile App (Microsoft Authenticator)
-OUTH Token

Choose default option "Text message".

Please select "Netherlands +31" as country code.
Fill in your mobile phone number
Example: 0612345678

Click "Text me now"

Now you will receive a text message with a verification code.
Fill in the verification code and click "Sign in"

Your phone number is registered to the multi-factor authentication server and ready to use.

Change authentication method or phone number for MFA

Please Note: This guide only works if you have access to your current authentication method (old phone number).

Step 1 of 8

Go to

Step 2 of 8

To make sure your experience is the same as this guide, set the language to English in the top right dropdown menu.

Select English language

Step 3 of 8

Login with your BUAS email address and Password. Depending on the current settings one of these will occur:

  • You will receive a phone call requesting you to press the Pound key ("#").
  • You will receive a verification code via SMS. Enther the One-Time Passcode and click "Authenticate".

Step 4 of 8

Click on "Change Method" on the left-hand side under "My Account".

Change Method

Step 5 of 8

Here you can select the desired method from the dropdown menu.

Select Method

Step 6 of 8

Click "Save" after you have selected the desired method.

Step 7 of 8

Click "Change Phone" on the left-hand side under "My Account".

Change phone

Step 8 of 8

  • If your method is "Text message", you can enter your mobile phone number here and click "Save".
Phone Number Text
  • If your method is "Phone call" you can enter your primary and backup phone number and click "Save".
Phone Number Call

Your authentication method has now been changed.

Activate Microsoft authenticator app

Step 1
First download and install the Microsoft Authenticator for your mobile device by using the following link for your operating system:
Windows Mobile

Step 2
Activating the mobile app
• Open a web browser on your computer and go to
And login with your BUAS Credentials.
Password: Your BUAS password

• Authenticate your login with the currently preferred authentication method.
• Click on "Activate Mobile app" in the left sidebar and generate a new activation code.
A QR Code and activation code will be shown. To complete the activation open the Authenticator App on your mobile device.

• Click on "Work- or schoolaccount" (when prompted allow the application to use your camera) and scan the QR Code with your mobile device.
You will see that a token is created. Your authentication app is now activated.

Step 3
Changing your preferred authentication method

• Click on "Change method" in the left sidebar of the MFA portal on your computer.
In the drop down menu under "Methode" select "Mobile App" and Press "Save".
Your account is now ready to use the Microsoft Authentication app.

Login BUAS@Work through MyPortal

Login BUAS@Work via MyPortal, if you have succesfully configured the Multi Factor Autentication.

Click the Citrix icon.
Click the BUAS@Work icon, BUAS@Work will start.

Configure Citrix for Apple computers

Download the latest version of the Citrix Receiver with the following link. Click here After installing the Citrix Receiver, please install the Terena SSL certificate. Click here Now you can open Citrix (BUAS@Work) via the MyPortal If you have any questions, please contact ICT via the Service Desk.


Manual add printer

Please be sure you install the printer in the “Home environment, not in CITRIX”

- Press start and choose “Devices and printers”.
- Press “Add a printer”.

- Choose “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” and press next.
- Choose the printer you want to add and press next.

- The printer is being installed.
- The printer has been added press next.

- If needed choose “Set as the default printer” and press finish.

When your logged in at BUAS@Work (Citrix), the installed printer will also be available in the citrix session.

More questions?

Please contact the Servicedesk. or 076 533 2233

Source: ICT Support