Mac Support

Configure Citrix for Apple computers

Download the latest version of the Citrix Receiver with the following link. Click here After installing the Citrix Receiver, please install the Terena SSL certificate. Click here Now you can open Citrix (BUAS@Work) via the MyPortal If you have any questions, please contact ICT via the Service Desk.

Unable to connect to Citrix within BUAS

Problem explained

If you have OSX 10.11 it can happen that your citrix receiver does not prompt for login. Even after removing the apps and refreshing it will not prompt for login.
How to solve this problem?

In order to fix this problem, go to “Finder” and go to “Applications”. Within “Applications” search for “Citrix receiver”, right click it and trash this application. Go to and download the latest citrix “receiver for Mac”. Upon download install this receiver, if prompt for citrix server fill in:

Printing from Mac

Can I print from OSX within BUAS?

It is possible to print documents that you have locally on your mac. Printing is done trough out Citrix. In order to access your locally stored files in citrix, login to Citrix. Once logged in go to arrow icon in the top of your Citrix window and click on “Preferences”, within “Preferences” go to “devices” and click “read and write”.

Close “Preferences”, now go to “Computer” within citrix, you will now see that all your drives from the Mac are connected to Citrix. The first connect hard drive you see from the mac is your operating system and will not hold your files. The second connected hard drive will hold all of your files, you can now open files that you want to print in citrix. Open a file that you want to print and select a copier.

Source: ICT Support