Mobile Phones

How can I find telephone numbers of colleagues?

  • Open the Outlook app.
  • Click on the "Search" icon.
  • Now you can search for a name.
  • Click on the person, the telephone number and the call icon (of the sim you want to call with) to phone the person.

User Agreements (in Dutch)

I don’t want to share my BUas 06-number with external relations. How can we arrange that?

The BUas ‘old’ fixed device (076) number will be forwarded to the mobile phone by default. When calling outbound, you can hide the mobile number you’re calling with (see instruction below).

Can the phone be used for private purposes by the employee?

Yes. When the use exaggerates the limits of the contract from Breda University of Applied Sciences with the provider (through f.e. data use or foreign calls), the extra costs can be charged to the employee.

Limits for using the BUAS mobile phone, within which private use is costless:

  • Unlimited calls within NL and to NL numbers in Europe + Switserland.
  • Calls to European + Swiss number 120 minutes pooled FUP.
  • 5GB usage per user. Included 1 GB Fair use policy in Europe.

How can I hide the mobile number I’m calling with?

  • Go to "Phone".
  • Click on the three vertical dots.
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Scroll down and click on "More settings" (under "Call Settings").
  • Click on "Show my caller ID".
  • Choose "Hide number".

What are the possibilities using the Dual SIM functionality?

With Dual SIM you can keep your private number and the BUas business number apart from each other, while still using just 1 mobile phone, the one BUas provides you.

You keep your own (private) SIM card and subscription to your own provider, next to the BUas phone card and provider.

The user can choose which number to call with. And will always be aware on which number an incoming call is directed.

Which apps will be installed on the mobile phone for business purpose?

  • BUAS Portal
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Authenticator (MFA)
  • Teams
  • Skype for Business

What if I don’t like to switch to de Samsung A8 model and use my own mobile phone?

For BUas the use of the provided phones leads to less support in reference to the use of (many different types of) private phones.

If you still prefer to use your own phone it’s possible. Under the conditions:

  • We ask you to sign an agreement, in which is included:
  • That BUas can use your phone and number for business purpose.
  • That BUas is entitled to install the software as summed up above on the phone.
  • BUas will pay a monthly fee of EUR 15, tax free.

Can I use my private number for the BUas phone?

That is possible when your private contract, with your provider, comes to an end. In that case the number can be ‘transferred’ to the provider of the BUas phones.

In that case you can ask ICT Support to transfer the number.

Activate Microsoft authenticator app

Step 1
First download and install the Microsoft Authenticator for your mobile device by using the following link for your operating system:
Windows Mobile

Step 2
Activating the mobile app
• Open a web browser on your computer and go to
And login with your BUAS Credentials.
Password: Your BUAS password

• Authenticate your login with the currently preferred authentication method.
• Click on "Activate Mobile app" in the left sidebar and generate a new activation code.
A QR Code and activation code will be shown. To complete the activation open the Authenticator App on your mobile device.

• Click on "Work- or schoolaccount" (when prompted allow the application to use your camera) and scan the QR Code with your mobile device.
You will see that a token is created. Your authentication app is now activated.

Step 3
Changing your preferred authentication method

• Click on "Change method" in the left sidebar of the MFA portal on your computer.
In the drop down menu under "Methode" select "Mobile App" and Press "Save".
Your account is now ready to use the Microsoft Authentication app.

Mitel Desk Phones

Forwarding BUAS Phone (transfer your 076 number to your own mobile phone)

Please note: If you are a member of a secretary office (group), forwarding is NOT advised or NOT possible.

Call Forward lets you redirect incoming calls to an alternate number.
Possible for example your Cellphone number.

You can select one of the following forwarding options:

Always redirects all incoming calls regardless of the state of your telephone.
B–Int redirects internal calls when your telephone is busy.
B–Ext redirects external calls when your telephone is busy.

NA–Int -Redirects internal calls after several rings if you don't answer.
-Redirects internal calls immediately if not logged in.
-Redirects external calls after several rings if you don't answer.
-Redirects external calls immediately if not logged in.

We advise you to only set the options NA-Int. and NA-Ext.

To program Call Forward:
Superkey: Superkey
1. Press on the “Superkey”
2. Press # or the No softkey until "Call Forwarding?" appears.
3. Press * or the Yes softkey.
4. Press # or the Next softkey until the type of Call Forward that you want to set up appears (see above).
5. Press the Review softkey.
6. If a number is already programmed, press * or the Change softkey.
7. Press * or the Program softkey.
8. Dial the destination number like 00612345678

If you make an error while dialing, press * or the <— softkey to correct errors.
9. Press (DOWN) or the Save softkey.

Forwarding activating/deactivating
1. Press on the “Superkey”.
2. Press on “No” till you see “Call forward” and then press “Yes”.
3. Choose “Always” – “Review”.
4. Press “Change”.
5. Press “Turn on” for activating forwarding.
6. Press “Turn off” for deactivating forwarding.

Important note: If there is a '*' after the destination number that means call forwarding is turned on.

Voicemail box

Please note:
If a Mitel voicemail box is not yet linked to your telephone number, you can request a voicemail box via the Service Desk.

Also check out the possibilities of forwarding your number to your mobile number.
See the "Call Forwarding" user manual on our FAQ.

Changing voicemail message (on you Mitel device):
• Pick up the phone.
• Press the button "Message" (or call 2222).
• Automatically the phone calls the voice mail (box) number
• Follow the instructions, you will also be asked to change the PIN code
(the first time login to Mitel Voicemail-box is the pin code: 1111).

Listen to the voicemail
• Pick up the phone.
• Press the button "Message" (this button will flashes when you receive a message).
• Automatically the phone calls the voice mail number.
• Follow the instructions.

Voicemail messages (audio file) send to your outlook email.
• Voicemail can also send as an audio file, you will receive an email with an audio file (.wav) as attachment.
• Note: Using this option, the Mitel Voicemail messages will not be available on the phone anymore.
• This voicemail through e-mail can be requested at the Service Desk (ask for: “Add email address to my existing Mitel Voicemail Box).

Externally listen to your Mitel Voicemail Box.
• Call the phone number: 076-533 2222.
• Press “*” button once you're connected.
• Enter your internal phone number.
• Enter your personal code.
• Follow the instructions.

Manual Mitel IP Telephones

Instruction manual for Mitel IP telephones.

Click here to download the instruction document

More questions?

Please contact the Servicedesk. or 076 533 2233

Source: ICT Support