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Cum Laude shows different user when logged in

When Cum Laude shows a different user after you've logged in, you need to delete your 'cookies' or 'browser history'

What are the minimum requirements for Cum Laude?

To check the requirements you can go to: Test Browser

My screen stays blank, after I’ve logged in to Cum Laude?

Possibly you aren't yet in the right class, please contact the Key-User of your Academy to solve this.

I only see courses from last year, a different academy or none at all?

Possibly you aren't yet in the right class, please contact the Key-User of your Academy to solve this.

Document will not open from course

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Why do I need the Cum Laude browser plugin?

To add extra functionality we have a plugin available which you can install. There are two versions available: 1 for Internet Explorere and 1 for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. With the plugin you can do the following: Drag and drop files from Windows to Cum Laude Drag and drop files within Cum Laude between different folders Upload multiple files at once (Bulk-upload) Use files in their “original” application without the need to download the files first Start external programs like Word and Powerpoint from within Cum Laude You can find the latest version of the plugin by going to

Having problems opening internet links and/or weblectures?

Chrome: If you see a white page in Chrome you should see a silver shield in the right top corner behind the address. When you click on it you can choose to allow scripts. After that you need to reload chrome and then all links should work. Firefox and Internet Explorer It is important to allow all pop-ups. You can check this by going to tools -> Pop-up blocker If you have extra toolbars installed, make sure that the pop-up blocker is also turned off.

Questions? Please contact your key-user by e-mail

1. Academy for Digital Entertainment
2. Academy of Hotel and Facility Management
3. Academy for Leisure
4. Academy for Tourism
5. Academie SLM

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